From fulltime to weekend entrepreneur

Since last week when I accepted an offer for a full-time job, I’ve had to change tactics. I’ve had to change my blogo’venture from a full-time, into a weekend affair. This is how I’m doing it.

Passion is still there

I’m overjoyed that I’m continuing to blog despite getting a full-time job. I had concerns I’d lose interest once I got a “better deal”.

I love my blog but pretty much anything is a better financial investment. Like raising a kid or joining a pyramid scheme. So, the allure of a paid job was always there.

This was one of the reasons I stopped applying for jobs. I didn’t want to second-guess my motivation every step of the way. I’ve found it to be extremely counterproductive to doubt yourself when founding something. You generally need to have a ‘just-go-for-it’ mentality to keep sane.

Luckily my concerns were nothing more than that, concerns. I got the job, and I still want to blog. Jackpot, this means I still have the passion.

Now I just need to figure out how to manipulate time and space, because I sure as hell don’t have as much time for blogging now.

The time-pausing TV remote like in the Adam Sandler movie Click would be perfect. Yes please and thank you. Also, I watch Adam Sandler movies #SorryNotSorry.

Focus on the vital

How should I go about this time-wise?

Well I’ve given it some thought and I’ve concluded that with my new schedule I’ll have one day a week available for my blogging. This mean I’ll be cutting my work time from 5 days a week into 1, most likely during the weekend.

Great, the next question is how do I get the same amount of work done, just 5 times as fast?

To learn how I’ve ‘simulated’ just writing on one day. I worked on my blog this past Sunday, and only on this Sunday. In doing so, I’ve realized I can save a lot of time separating the ‘need to dos’ from the ‘would be nice to dos’. This means cutting everything that isn’t vital for my blog. Everything apart from writing articles.

Easier said than done. But not too hard. I spend no time now marketing my posts, and almost no time on my social media. I just write one article every week and share it across my channels.

That’s about 2 days saved there. Now I need to cut 2 more.

Forget perfectionism

I do not have time for perfectionism.

Gone are the days where I can write, rewrite and obsess about the layout of a blog post. Now I’m forced to focus on the content and do it fast. This leaves little room for perfectionism which I’m usually guilty of. Enter the world of no filler.

The great thing about learning to live with imperfection is that it frees me to execute on the important bits, to learn when to stop, and when it’s good enough. Because what I and other perfectionists don’t realize; is that things are usually good enough way sooner than we think.

Doesn’t mean I still don’t want my writing to be excellent, but it does mean I’m posting articles when their readable, instead of perfect.

1 more day saved. 1 to go.

Get it done

Execution is the name of the game. It’s the last step in cutting my blogging business from 5 days to 1.

I’m cutting the contemplation, planning and trying. I’m just executing. I sit down, and I write until it’s done. I don’t have time for anything else.

And you know what, I’m amazed by how much I’m able to do on this one single day. Almost all procrastination disappeared because I know there’s no later. It’s now, or never.

Last day cut.

I now have a functioning 1 day-a-week blog. I’ve shifted from a full-time, into a weekend entrepreneur.

Next week I’ll write about ‘How to apply for funding.’ This is something I have experience in applying for and winning. It’s also something I know many entrepreneurs are curious about.

See you next week!

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