Entrepreneurial Journal #1

Welcome to the first of my monthly Entrepreneurial Journal. I intend to summarize what’s happened in my blog-venture the past month to show you the reality of day-to-day entrepreneurship.

See how I avoided calling it a diary. It’s a journal see, and in this journal, I will go through my income and expenses, my success measures, and generally what’s changed since last time.

I also want to delve into any challenges I’ve faced and successes along the way. If I’ve learned something useful, I’ll try to throw it your way as well.

Let’s get into it shall we.

I’ve spent 600 USD

I’ve spent roughly 600 USD for my blog this far. This is a high number and I’m accounting for every expense since September, which equals 4 months expenses.

Most of these expenses is website and domain purchase, and recurring subscriptions for my Squarespace website and CC Premiere Pro, a video editor I’ve mainly used for The Founders Cabin podcast so far.

I’ve earned 0 USD

I’ve earned exactly 0 USD so far from my blog. Which is not a surprise as it’s way to early to monetize my site, as I still have too few visitors. Website advertisement is not my main goal either. I’d rather want to eventually earn a revenue from sponsorship, merchandise and contributions, like with a service such as Patreon.

My Social Media game is weak but getting better.

My social media channels have grown, compared to 4 months ago and below is my quick summary of them.

My website started with only 7 visitors in September and has grown to 208. Still a very modest amount, but something to work with.

YouTube has stayed at 2 subscribers, since I’ve still not started posting videos. #SadPanda

My LinkedIn exposure has probably been the best results with my 4 last posts reaching 1573 people.

Facebook has gotten a slight uptick, and so has my Instagram followers.

My twitter was non-existent and has now grown to 32 people. If this keeps going, I should be able to retire next year. Probably going to wait until I have at least 64 people on twitter though.

Website unique visitors:

  • September: 7

  • December: 208

YouTube subscribers:

  • September: 2

  • December: 2

LinkedIn article views on 4 last posts:

  • September: 0

  • December: 1573

Facebook likes on 4 last posts:

  • September: 33

  • December: 42

Instagram followers:

  • September: 166

  • December: 215

Twitter followers:

  • September: 0

  • December: 32

I’ve gotten a ‘real’ job

The most noteworthy news for my entrepreneurship journey is that I’ve landed a ‘normal’ job with a company I applied to a while ago. I was positively surprised by their offer, and excepted the same day.

My intimidate task now is to shift my blogging and podcasting into something I can do on weekends, instead of full time. I haven’t hashed out the details, but most likely I’ll have to create shorter blog posts and focus on the video-blogging instead. I also need to decrease the time I spend working on The Founders Cabin podcast, which is already just every month.

But I’ll get back to you on that one.

The main positive thing about this change is that I really wanted this job, and I’ll be able to gain good experience within business. The steady pay will surely also come in handy, as the entrepreneurial lifestyle ain’t cheap.

The main drawback is I’ll have less time to focus on my blog and vlog. But I’m not the first entrepreneur to work on my project on weekends, so I’m not really phased about this.

All in all, I’ve kick-started my blog, and my channels are growing, slow but steady. I’ve used some money to start up, but I’m also starting to work regularly which will provide me with financial stability, at the cost of time.

Let’s see how this goes, stay tuned for next month’s update!

See you next year, when I rewrite my business plan, again. Oh, and a happy new year!

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