The Founders Cabin Podcast

The past few weeks me and my previous classmate and co-founder Bastian Marenbach have been working eagerly to finish recording, editing and posting The Founders Cabin Podcast.

The cabin where we each week figure out how to start a company. We delve into our background and experiences starting Streets of Oslo together, and we also discuss the practice and theory of entrepreneurship. Most importantly, we are sparring partners for each other as we have both started our own individual projects. Me, building my online personal brand, and Bastian building a service/consulting company with story telling for businesses.

If you have wondered where my usual posts about technology have despaired, this has been the time sink stealing me away from you guys. But fear no more. And I know I have said this before. My tech and business insight posts will be back very soon. I will be examining the business case of nuclear technology, and how it might fit into a ‘greener’ future.

(Little did I know I would change my writing topic for this blog…)

Until then, tune into the three first episodes of The Founders Cabin. You can watch them right now on our YouTube channel or listen to it on Itunes or Spotify!

Talk to you soon!

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